Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yesterday, the second grade class from Pennycamp came to Mira Costa for a visit. Me and a few others volunteered to do splatter paint with them. I had mentioned to my friend that I though it would be fun to be splattered, so she grabbed me by the solders and said, "Hey kids, you can get Cody, too." I sat down and the splattering began, my friends helped the second graders cover me in paint and I stood in different positions to allow them to get my whole body. I walked around school the rest of the day as a piece of art; it was the most fun I had all school year!

P.S. It took two cycles of rinse-wash-rinse on my face, hair and body and my good luffa (now dead) to get it off. (Apparently some paint must have bled through my shirt because there are still blots of paint on my back that I couldn't reach.)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Taking my Pixar inspiration to a new level, with Mike Wazowski from Pixar's Monster's Inc. Typically, Mike is colored green but since I wanted to put my own twist to my drawing, I made him black and white, while I painted the background green. I also found that putting Mike on the side, instead of the middle is far more appealing to the eye. Mike is thinking "Wow, I drew that?" because he looks surprised and I imagined him looking in the mirror at how great he looks. For the paint, I used water colors because we are focusing on water colors in school, so they were easily accessible. Mike and his thought bubbles were protected from the paint by white crayon. I  created this on regular paper, hoping that this piece would easy to carry around for my college portfolio or something.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A pencil, an eraser, a little inspiration and an uneventful school day led to my latest sketches. I'm starting to notice that I have a knack for sketching and shading (which will come in handy if Pixar needs a lightings person). The first one might remind one of Alice in Wonderland, but I personally just like the thought of walking around in a forest with the nicest dress I won. My favorite part of this drawing would be the texture of the trees, it might be hard to see through the computer, but I basically scribbled the leaves. The second one required more detailed shading and although I had lots of fun working on each shadow, I am not particularly "awed" by this one.

P.S. I used my new mac to sharpen and define these sketches, which would explain the clearer picture.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last Friday was my mom's birthday, and for one of her presents, I gave her a sketch drawing that I did in class. The scratch board works, is there is a layer of metallic gold underneath a thin layer of black...uh... paper. Anyway, you scratch away the black to get to the gold. This drawing was inspired by our Africa trip that our family is going to take in 2013. The texture caused by scratching help make the African trees and plants look very realistic. I hope that the large tree to the right catches the eye because it was the first one I made and I believe the texture is unrepeatable.
My mom is always telling me how she wishes she could be there and I hope this gives he a little bit Africa. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! 

Ha, ha, did you notice my reflection in the shimmer of the gold? ;)


Before computers and copiers, there was the print; it's basically a really big stamp. Our assignment was to carve out a design and use the print to make lots of different copies. In class, we were given lots of different colored paper and loads of different colored ink. Inspired by an ad in a magazine, I chose a design that was challenging to carve.I feel that this piece is very different from what I have done and probably what I will do. Although I enjoyed creating this, the fashion theme and skinny model character are foreign to me. I am very happy with how my design turned out but I don't believe I will be doing anything like this again.

Book Pages- Clashing Tides

Book Pages- Dream Tree